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You mean Joel thinks this thing is a wuur-wilf?

That's all I got today, man. Yalloglanchie.

Joel: Whatcha got there?

Bill: Silver Bullet!

Joel: Huh! Me Too!

Enjoy this bonus blooper:

Must have been a tough shoot! When Paul goes on his rampage out of the harpsicord pool bar, he knocks out a man as soon as he exits. When the camera comes in for a close shot of the man, you can clearly see the shadow of the camera operator on the man's shirt and also the camera operator kicking the man.



Mixed Metaphors: The Paas Effect





Laziest Band on Mars

A shiny e-nickle to the first Christian soul who identifies this reference.

Lupita's Tautologic Expostulation (Affirming the Consequent) goes something like this:

  1. Evil Doll: Why don't you steal us. We can all be yours!
  2. Lupita: No, you know that stealing is bad, and I want to be good.
  3. Evil Doll: But you must learn to steal!
  4. Lupita: No. You know stealing is bad, and I want to be good.
  5. Evil Doll: We dolls don't like good little girls!
  6. Lupita: No. To steal is evil, and I don't want to be evil.
  7. Evil Doll: You must be evil if you want a doll!
  8. Lupita: No, you know stealing is evil, and I don't want to be evil.
  9. Evil Doll: Steal, fight, and we will all be yours!
  10. Lupita: No. I don't want to be evil, and stealing is evil.
  11. Evil Doll: You want to good, eh, you don't want to be bad?
  12. Lupita: No, you know stealing is bad, and I want to be good.
  13. Evil Doll: Well then, you'll never have a doll! HAHAHAHAH!



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Adventures in Oncology



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Salute to Home Improvement

--Not the TV show of course. God!



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