Easter Eggs on this Blog

Let me reveal a little secret.

My Band Name For Today contains numerous Easter Eggs for you to find.

If you haven't discovered this one already, hover over most pictures and your mouse cursor will turn into a "WTF?" icon ("WTF" being a recognized Internet acronym for, ahem, "wait to find").
A little box will soon pop up with an additional joke or "Stinger" that rounds out the day's post.

Enjoy them in good health, my friends, and drink deeply from the teat of comedy goodness that is "My Band Name for Today".



Another great OK feature game!

*Of course The Snowclones would need a good catchphrase.

I was watching "Rooster Cogburn" the other day. The film is basically a cowboy remake of "The African Queen" when you get down to it. Anyway, at one point the Judge has promised John Wayne a posse to bring in the bad guys. The Duke comments that he is "long on promise, but short on posse."

And I was thinking, that's really what's wrong with marriage too, isn't it?



Finger Buggy

*"Finger Buggy" is my nomination for "Band Name of the Month"(tm)



MST3K Redux

For those of of you who dearly miss the ultra-classic television comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mike Nelson's Rifftrax is online!

They don't make the movies. They just make fun of them!

Go ahead and buy a couple rifftrax and try them out! They're powerfully hilarious and only cost a couple bucks a pop. It'll be the best couple bucks you ever spent.

And if you are unfamiliar with the whole concept, rent a couple Mystery Science Theater episodes and get hooked. They will rock your uvula. I mean it. This is funnier content than a whole month of TV comedy writing. I mean, funier even than what is considered good comedy writing. "MST3K" was the comedy show that comedy writers themselves watched and loved.



What do you want?

Todays band names brought to you by the great taste of Chickenilla.

Two great tastes that America loves!

Together at last! It's Chickenilla!*

*Warning: Repeated exposure to Chickenilla has been
proven to cause chickenosis in forcefed laboratory chickens.




"Quorum" is another good name for a metal band that thinks they're bad news. They deserve a logo:



This Blog is published with the Linotype Model 1 with a gasoline pot, no thermostat and a tank that sits outside the building

Crochety old Linotype machine! I keep having to lean out the window to pump the tank back up to pressure.

Now the slugs are too hot! They're either too hot or too cold.

Because there is no thermostat, the only way I can regulate the temperature is to put a scrap of news pulp on the cast iron pot. If the paper scorches but doesn't burn, the temperature is just right.

This Model I is just too finicky. What I wouldn't give for a new 1902 Linotype Model III! You people that do your blogs with some kind of HTML editor don't know how easy you have it!





Vacation 4: A Picture Share!

This is the honest-to-goodness original photo of the Mike the Headless Chicken toilet paper (see Jan 1 2006 blog editorial). Take a look at the EXIF information if you don't believe me.



Vacation 3: A Picture Share!

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