The Dorm That Dripped Zuniga



Ah, a nice long weekend. Here are some solid band names:



It's an avalanche of savings at "My Band Names"!

Say these out loud. Your mouth will thank you.



Pearl Harbour Tribute

I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark

When he made Pearl Harbor

I miss you more then that movie missed the point

And that’s an awful lot girl.

--Trey Parker



FONE-eh-tic pro-noun-see-ay-shuns

Semi-regular feature:
Q+A-Q (You figure it out)

A: Yes, I had stomach flu after Thanksgiving. Thanks for asking. It was an actual gastrointestinal viral infection, not simple "food poisoning".

A: About three times my body weight.

And now, the bands for today. With phonetic pronunciations that STILL will not help American children schooled in so-called "word recognition reading".
Whew! Diagram THAT sentence. --Oh, right. You went to public school.
So you can't.

The Band Names:

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