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When You See (Those Flying Saucers) - The Buchanan Brothers

What I'm Thinking:
Many aspiring writers take the injunction to "write what you know" entirely too seriously, resulting in numerous bad novels about English professors contemplating adultery.

What I'm Quoting:
"Vagueness is at times necessary and mystery is never in short supply, but I dont think they're anything to worship. Genuine science and mathematical precision are more intriguing than are the "facts" published in supermarket tabloids or romantic innumeracy which fosters credulity, stunts skepticism, and dulls one to real imponderables."
--Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences
John Allen





Wheel of Fortune Questions continued.

Okay, so I've determined that you only have to pay once, no matter how many of your selected vowels exist. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's how it works.

My next question: Sometimes people spin the wheel and it lands on cards with prizes like trips or high dollar amounts. When this happens, they remove the card and keep it. Yet they rarely (never) seem to win the million dollars or the trip. Whats up with that?



Wheel of Fortune Questions (Second in a Series)

Okay, so NateF24C (via Internet) tells me that a vowel costs $250.

NateF24C (if that is your real name), thanks. I pity you.

Now my second question- Say I buy an "E" and there are eight "E"s. Does that mean it just cost me a cool two grand?

If so, that's horrible. Instead of cheering when a requested vowel appears, people should groan.

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