* a Backdoor pilot is when an episode of a regular TV series attempts to introduce a new situation which can be spun off into it's own series. More interesting are examples of busted backdoor pilots. Star Trek had one (a space traveling secret agent), Bill Bixby's Hulk had another (the adventures of a Jazz loving Kung Fu monk--amazing that didn't go to series!).

If I had a show, I'd shoot a backdoor pilot every other episode. Folks would think it was an anthology series.



Steamerpunk Holiday

I'm a sucker for this sort of thing. Set your steamerpunk musket for "aether gustation", because I smell a winner.



Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln!

Fact: "Hello, Larry" ratings ranked #36 for the first season and #52 for the second season, which is bad these days and abysimal back then. WHY IS IT, then, that EVERYONE remembers this show?



Guitar EQ Day

"Stoner Vee" is a guitar EQ effect. It is a low-mid equalization cut that resembles the letter "V" on a graphic EQ. Apparently favored by those kind of bands. It hollows out an electric after some tube fuzz is applied, and helps your axe sit in the mix.

Mods and Rockers agree: It's Stoner Vee!



IBM 1401: A User’s Manual

Today's band names all spring forth from the IBM 1401 User’s Manual.

The IBM 1401 was the precursor to the famous 360 series. Improbably named Icelandic musician Jóhann Jóhannsson has turned the IBM 1401 User’s Manual into a haunting aural work of art. You can listen to samples here.

Ah, they don't write 'em like this anymore. Classic line? "The pins of the coils must be properly latched in the Bakelite. To fix them more securely use cellulose glue."



You Know What Happens When I Assume

*"The Blands" is my band name of the month nominee.

People who believe in the validity of Buridan's Ass are showing a crack in their logic, and I make them the butt of jokes. Deciding not to make a decision is itself a decision. To assume otherwise is asinine.



Radar! Radar!

Trivia: The first time I heard the "No Soap Radio" joke, the punchline was the "Radar! Radar!" variant. It did include penguins (a common motif). It was told to me by Ross Parsley, who replaced scandal-riddled minister Ted Haggardy (no relation to scandal-riddled "Grizzly Adams" actor Dan Haggardy, as far as I know), so nobody can say I don't know anyone famous. I also sold blank tape to scandal-riddled politico Gary Hart and was mercilessly harassed by a zonked-out Hunter S. Thompson ("scandal-riddled" doesn't cover it) when I worked at Radio Shack during high school.

Ironically, Hunter would probably be the only one of that group to get the "No Soap Radio" reference. Still, he was a total jerk to me.



Trampolena Whambang

You heard me. "Trampolena Whambang".

A "Throbber Graphic" is an animated logo or icon intended to attract your attention. A neon sign is an early real-world example. Most websites are riddled with so-called throbber graphics, even wholesome websites.

*Dash: "Until then, I'm going to use these for a name." (Gestures at "-" and "+" signs)

Marshall: "Plus and Minus?"

Dash: "No, no, no 'Dash X!' Get it? Dash... x. Plus and mi- what kind of name is that?! You guys are a constant source of embarrassment."



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