Howl-Oh!-Scream Horror-ble Pun-tastic Spectac-ghoul-lar

Guest band name column by former children's (sic) Halloween album producer and retired Atlantic Journal substitute humor editor Al Hunt (nee Hyram Weisman), aged 72. Actual band names selected with the help of grandson, "Little Jeffy", aged 27:

And the scariest band name ever:



No More Hurricaines, Dangit!



Band Names LIVE, On Tour



Blows White Hot Chunks of Outright Suckiness



Only 1 Band today

Only one band today, but it totally rocks. My band name for today shall be:



Floating Skylab tethered to Gabriel's Aerie



I only live twice

"You only live twice:
Once when you're born,
And once when you look death in the face."

--After Basho



Light at the End of the Hummel

Thank you for bearing with me during the NGA Hurricane support period. September was a wall of work, but I was honored to help those in need. We in Florida are well aware of the damage to lives and families of multiple hurricane strikes.

My band names for today shall be:

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