"One-Woman Crime Spree" is a song by Weird Paul Petroskey, the guy who sings "Don't Break My Atari".

"Lord Haw Haw" was the Tokyo Rose-like Nazi broadcaster who bedeviled UK radio listeners during World War II.
Have I mentioned the rules lately?

None of these band names are generated via some sort of "random computer name generator". They all have some degree of timeliness or dada-ism value that qualifies them for the list.

Even though I was reading some of the old ones and thinking "Man, is that obscure." Even I will forget the source of some of these in a few years.

Anyway, enjoy them in good health.






C'mon. Give it up for "Noise Candy".



I was a Teenage Raconteur

I have a photo to upload but I've mislaid it.

I'll get it to you shortly, along with a rather amusing anecdote (the author charmingly chuckles to himself as winsome, Michael Landon-like wrinkles appear at the corners of his eyes).

Here are your band names:



Ron Howard Hoodwinked by Fonzie Scheme

"Brand Manager Soper" came from an online "review" which was obviously a slightly re-worked press release. Every time the journalist made a slightly critical call, a notice was inserted by "Brand Manager Soper", either correcting him or revising one of her (Soper's) earlier statements.

One of these days I will do a special Band Name Blog entry and invite Brand Manager Soper to have some input. It should be entertaining.
Brand Manager Soper would like to categorically gainsay the previous statement. All of our products and staff members are both meeting and exceeding requirements spectacularly. Any allegations to the contrary are simultaneously damaging and libelous.



Google's April Fools Joke

Google's April Fools joke this year is better than the IP-enabled toilet one from a few years back.

It may not be your cup of tea, but it worked for me. Check it out.

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