Giving Thanks For Turkey Band Names

Today's Band Names are actual recipe's of what surely must be awful, awful food items for our American holiday that Christina Ricci doesn't seem to like very much. Bon appetite.



Introducing our Sponsor

First, the band names for today:

Today's list brought to you by Curry Road brand Lemon Curry.

Curry Favor for the Curry Flavor

It's a flurry of curry in Curry Road (tm)



How Great UART



Irrational Band Names



Yipe Stripes



All This is Possible...

--Thanks to Radar!



Coffee Hunt





Semi regular feature:


A: Because I just post the answers without listing your questions.

A: Because its supposed to be funny.

A: Yes, I do know where most of these names came from. You think I just came up with "Sputum Cytology" in my head? Some of them, I have no firsthand knowledge of, like that Sanchez thing, for example. Here is the rule of thumb: If a band name reflects poorly on my character, you can be certain I have no firsthand knowledge of it. I'm a gem of a guy.

And now, the band names for today:



Electric Sports Bra



The Justifiable Bitterness of Miss Surely Woolfbeak



Mack Colorado!

Today's band name list sponsored by Mack Colorado, the awful music capitol of the world ®

And finally, the world's first Heaven's Gate cult tribute band:

Geez, that's topical! I must go write some Monica Lewensky jokes.



Nomine Pax Sonitus Comitatus

Three Band Names in Latin!!
Some extra languages Gratis!

Reminds me of what I heard a guy say one time: "English is the de facto linqua franca." He didn't get it, but I thought it was hilarious.
For those of you who don't get it (i.e. those of you in Mack Colorado), post me a message and I'll explain it unto you.
Stand by for Latin band names at the end of this broadcast.
My Band Names for today Shall Be:

  • Molten Sludge
  • Black Christmas Barbie
  • The ToneWanks

  • Crash Sector
  • Skeezix
  • Maiming Convention
  • The Snots

And now the Latin band names (placed last for the consideration of American readers)

  • Legio Lux / Ligue de la Lumière/ The League of Light. Auf deutsch: Liga des Lichtes. Now you can go write your own DaVinci Code ripoff.
  • Produxi Proficio
  • Nox Sonitus (as opposed to "Lite Music" I suppose)

Production Notes:
*No actual "Latin Bands" were named in this column. Maybe a potential Ska band or two, if they have a Dub influence.

**For some reason, the spell check did not work very well today.



Local Girl Does Good

People, I think you'll agree, if you look back through the band names for October--

I just wasn't getting enough sleep.

The band names for today are:



Man Kills Buck with Bare Hands in Bedroom



The Vibe of Drive

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