Hey, Internet, I have a question:

How much does it cost to buy a vowel on "Wheel of Fortune"?

I take it back. If you really know the answer to that, you probably wouldn't like to hang out with cynical hipster dirtbag guys like us.





The Final Word on the 3 Men And A Baby Ghost Controversy

I just saw the "ghost scene" in "3 men and a baby" for the first time since the original theatrical run. (See, because I'm really old.)

At any rate, I am still shaking with terror! Not because of the ghost. But because I'm so old.

Anyway, celebrated actress Celeste Holm and the entire film crew denies the whole "ghost" thing.

--How typical. Another glaring example of Big Hollywood pushing their rationalist empirical skepticism agenda.

But the whole thing does lead to one of my favorite messages from an online message board in years. "kaf-14" posts the following:
>> The truth is that Celeste Holm was forced to deny this, as the ghost had already threatened her and the other stars in the movie on many occasions.



The Monkeys You Ordered are Here


  • Gum Paste Flowers
  • The Bob Ross Joy of Painting Extravaganza
  • Cogito Eggo sum (I think, therefore I'm a waffle)
  • Cialis Doesn't Live Here any More
  • The Bonks



* Ran across "Syrupy Mother Liqueur" in a sugar documentary. Yes. Sugar documentary.

"Syrupy Mother Liqueur" sounds hilarious when you say it out loud. Lucky for me, the narrator said it over and over, which became amusing to my girlfriend after awhile.

It sounds like something us kids would have called each other in public school.


Good Morgan, Herr Baron. Here are mein band names for today.



Oscar Bait screenplay I'm pitching this week:
"Obama/Urkel". It's exactly like Frost/Nixon, but substitute Obama and Urkel. It would be the most awesome thing ever.



I fell in love with a Starship Trooper

RE Corporate Power Suit Moo-Moo:
I know its "Mumu", BTW. I just like it better the way it was sent to me.

Speaking of, I always thought a Corporate Power Suit should include some kind of power-ups, like Iron Man or the Exo-Suits from the real Starship Troopers.
Why go to the bother of putting on a suit that doesn't at least force-multiply your strength by a factor of ten?



BTW, yesterday's "For The Love Of Dracula" is my early nomination for Band Name of the Month. It could also be a heartwarming "Benji" style movie.


  • Economy Dentures
  • Fuller's Earth
  • For The Love Of Dracula
  • Chain Reaction -- To MURDER!
  • Fistulous Wither





Entertainment Aspect: Powerful

Hello folks. 2010 was tough for me (and I'm not even a registered Democrat). Let's just forget about it and move forward like nothing happened, shall we?

You band names for today:

These "adult" sounding gizmos are all in daily use at the physical therapy place I frequent. Who says physical therapy cant be sexy?*

* I do.

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