My Band Shall Be Named (Today Only):





This is getting out of hand

* My dad invented this (Back Fat Bra) several years ago. It pulls back-fat from grotesquely obese women (or men, I guess) to the front for a more flattering effect—not that the lovely, lovely ladies reading this blog are obese. Far from it.
--Anyway, the Playtex people were not amused, but folks who are into shoes and so forth would probably jump at it.

I will spare you from Dad's "eat all you want" diet neck-bypass machine. It is (1) not for the squeamish and (2) prone to causing infections.





Make up yer own Dern Names! Consarnit.



Band Name Cornucopia to sate you for the weekend

A Policy Note:

1) Yes, in a few months I’m going to name my actual band one of these names. I will put up some MP3 links from our band once the website is ready.

2) Keep in mind that these are original band names. I would love to list “Barbie Bones” or “The Pain Teens”, but they are real bands, so you will not see them here. Some of you are sending me real band names. I’m not collecting actual bands, but keep sending them. I may create a “Cool REAL Bands” list someday.

3) There MAY be bands with the same name as the ones I make up. I can’t guarantee that a guy in Minong Wisconsin didn’t also make up a band named “More Cowbell”. Also I am free to name bands after songs by other bands (e.g. “Cocteau Twins”, who were named from a Simple Minds song).

4) Frequently Asked Question #1

5) Frequently Asked Question #2

And now--without further Perdue—today’s band names:



I Might Consider Naming a Band...



Roadhouse - The Musical - The Band Name (list)



Bands for conspiracy [People]

My band name for this morning shall be:


My band name for this afternoon:

This evening-Open for suggestions. Considering:




Aquaflesh Hungerfish





Mime Abuse



Banned From The Ranch

--Inspired by the fact that I was one of the lucky few who honest-to-gosh received "Catwoman" as their in-flight movie.



I Sing Whenever I Sing

I can't take credit for this. Kurt R. at Surreal Studios posted this a few years ago. A guy sent him a "demo" on a cheapjack Walmart cassette tape. The guy wanted a "recording" contract.

Kurt has no idea how this ole' feller found out about him--he's in Alaska and the "Blue" guy is obviously more, uh, southerly located.

Kurt asks these questions (which themselves make great band names--with a little editing):

  1. Do you think the donkey was in the house?
  2. If not, was this guy singing outside? Within earshot of his neighbors?
  3. Is it possible to write something like this without alcohol?
  4. Most importantly - should I give him a "Recording Contract?"



A Smattering of Possible Band Names

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