Getting Better

I'm getting better people...it's only a 3 inch tumor in my chest, thank you very much.

I asked the surgeon if I would be able to play the piano after the operation, and he got a big laugh out of it (It's an old joke, see. --And he knows I'm a musician.).

I'll be back soon with a blog about the differences and similarities between gazpacho and the Gestapo.

Here are your band names:






Today! A Band Name First! --Song Titles!

Remember folks, these are hand made band names. None of these are generated by the "Ewok Band Name Generator" (or similar).

Guest Column today! A "Band Names" first--Song Titles!

Today's Guest Song Titles come from complete songs composed by Rachel M. (Age 5).

Rachel made up these songs on the fly last night. They're pretty good and play well to live audiences.



Nothin' But Premo Band Names, Dude.



Sometimes they come to you



Google Me Not.

A short essay entitled
"I'm not that Mark Wynkoop"

Hi, I'm Mark Wynkoop. I run this list.

Don't Google me though. I'm not that Mark Wynkoop.

Potential psycho girlfriends and opportunistic employers rushing out to Google me, think twice. Take what you see with a grain of salt.

I'm not that Mark Wynkoop.

For example:

Questions and Answers:

Q: There is yet another Mark Wynkoop that writes computer books. Are you that Mark Wynkoop?

A: Probably not. I co-authored "Java as an Object-Oriented Language" with Bob Celestino (Mark Lorenz, Ed.) in 1995. It won a JOOP award from the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. The only online review you will probably find is a few paragraphs that complain about the cost of the book (about $60 US). Whoever wrote that has not been in college since the fifties.

I'm not the Mark Wynkoop that writes the C++ books.

Q: How can I distinguish you from the other Mark Wynkoops?

A: First of all, I do not use the possessive apostrophe "s" when indicating plural, as in "Mark Wynkoop's", Also I am (of course) much better looking and quite a charmer if you look past my screen of Generation X irony (remember us? Generation X, anyone?) . Also, look for these indicators:

Also I make up phony band names on a blog.

Here are some:



Band names...like a dog...running through paint...



Invitation to sing for the Elite of Mammoth...



I'm living with my mother, and I'm not Italian...

Previously on "My Band Name For Today ":

My Parents are here.

See, I get "Visited" because I live in a nice area of Florida on the beach. My sister lives in Alaska and probably gets visited less, even though she has babies there and I am single.

If I did have children, do you imagine that I'd get visited any less? Or possibly more?...

The band names today: (en francais pour les canadiens, nom les ensaubles de musique du jour - see, that quarter credit of high school French is not wasted! My French is perfect! Mon francais, il est wonderschoen!)

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