The Egg McGuffin

What I'm Pitching to Hollywood this week:

Mac and Me, Too!
The Egg McGuffin

Written by… (Kyle Friel, currently suing the WGA for credit stolen by Mark Wynkoop)

Story Treatment
Wheelchair-bound college student Michael Cruise is desperate to get breakfast before his class (where he does some computer thing).  Along with his Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC, who befriended him as a boy), they come up against endless obstacles, including government agents, Michel’s suspicious girlfriend, and an inept “burglar” who is quite a “ham”, as (potentially) portrayed by Jeremy Piven, Nicholas Cage, Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds, Jon Favreau or Johnny Depp.
Unbeknownst to them, the McMuffin wrapper is encrypted with a top-secret quantum code.  
But that’s pretty complex, so let’s just say the wrapper is a map that leads to some gold
The antagonists steal the McMuffin, leading them on a wild chase that returns the principal characters to McDonald's.
When they finally arrive, they are crestfallen to learn that breakfast hours are over.  The lifelong chums are reinvigorated, discovering that the McMuffin was not what they really wanted, but that the real gold is the friendship they share inside each of them.  In a heartwarming twist of corporate synergy, the CEO arrives, announcing the new “breakfast all day” policy.
The film ends on an upbeat note with an extended dance sequence set to “I’m a Believer”, or possibly “Don’t Stop Believin’”.  The dance spreads from the upscale McDonald's to the streets, triumphantly ending with an orbital pan, revealing the Earth slowly spinning in front of the M-shaped constellation of Cassiopeia.

Post Credit Stinger:
A flare from one of the stars in Cassiopeia heralds the arrival of an evil-looking starship.   It is a bounty hunter sent to return MAC to his people.  The craft lands near the McDonald's, where the elaborate dance number is ongoing
The “Burgher” bounty hunter (or possibly “King” bounty hunter, or possibly both) sneaks to the perimeter of the bushes, in order to grab MAC. —Suddenly, Samuel L. Jackson steps from behind a tree and shoots the sneaky king with a complex ray gun.    
Whip-pan to a close up of Jackson, fading to black as he quips “I’m in this, too.

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