"Monkey" in the band name is always a good thing. Don't you hate those greeting cards with chimps on them? I sure do.

"Quantum Ground State" would certainly be the coolest band ever.... These are the jokes, folks.


I'd like to mention a few things that really disappointed me in elementary school:
  1. The Underground Railroad
  2. The Shot Heard 'Round The World
  3. Little Women
As you can see, the names create unreasonable expectations that can't help but disappoint when you finally learn the material. Think about it from the perspective of an 8 year old. It's blatent false advertising.

Your Band Names for today:





Home Is Not A Valid Toad

This isn't the kind of blog that routinely posts links to other people's content. But I've found a thing. And that thing is my new favorite thing in the New Favorite Thing universe.

And that thing is Autocomplete Me.

Autocomplete Me is a website that collects the most insane Google auto-completes all in one place. What is an auto-complete, you say? Well, raise your hand if something like the following scenario has happened to you:

You type something--something perfectly innocuous, mind you--into Google. Something like "Tricycles". And the search suggestions (the so-called "auto-complete") comes up with something like "Tricycles ate my dog and cleaned out my bank account".

I've often wondered why Google includes a few things on the list that... Well, a few things that would cause Salvador Dali to throw up his hands and say "This is just too weird. This is nothing but random nonsense".

Autocomplete Me collects some of the craziest ones in one place, and allows people to comment on them and make connections, or even submit there own. Chaos ensues.

Here are some examples from the site:

You type:

Google Suggests:

You type:

Google Suggests:

You type:

Google Suggests:

Two things:
1) You can't hope to go to Google and type these examples and get the same results. Auto-complete is based on the zeitgeist of what is being searched for right now, which makes it even MORE baffling and upsetting.
2) Auto-complete is a great hidden resource for song lyrics. Admit it, you've got 3 or 4 lines centered around the phrase "home is not a valid toad" kicking around in your subconscious already.

What more can I say? I'm sure Google could suggest something. Go forth and auto-complete (links to off-site blog).

Google Auto-complete is like a killer app for band names.
How could I ever compete with something as awesome as "My Mouth Is Full of Drop-kicking Astronauts"?
The cool thing is, it seems totally random, but it is not. Somebody is actually searching on that term right now!



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