Google Me Not.

A short essay entitled
"I'm not that Mark Wynkoop"

Hi, I'm Mark Wynkoop. I run this list.

Don't Google me though. I'm not that Mark Wynkoop.

Potential psycho girlfriends and opportunistic employers rushing out to Google me, think twice. Take what you see with a grain of salt.

I'm not that Mark Wynkoop.

For example:

Questions and Answers:

Q: There is yet another Mark Wynkoop that writes computer books. Are you that Mark Wynkoop?

A: Probably not. I co-authored "Java as an Object-Oriented Language" with Bob Celestino (Mark Lorenz, Ed.) in 1995. It won a JOOP award from the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming. The only online review you will probably find is a few paragraphs that complain about the cost of the book (about $60 US). Whoever wrote that has not been in college since the fifties.

I'm not the Mark Wynkoop that writes the C++ books.

Q: How can I distinguish you from the other Mark Wynkoops?

A: First of all, I do not use the possessive apostrophe "s" when indicating plural, as in "Mark Wynkoop's", Also I am (of course) much better looking and quite a charmer if you look past my screen of Generation X irony (remember us? Generation X, anyone?) . Also, look for these indicators:

Also I make up phony band names on a blog.

Here are some:

"-gangers" works well as a general purpose suffix. I shall remember that. And so shall my evil twin.

RE: "Agouti Girl Fight": I like it. Also like Capybaras. The same band name might work with alpacas as well.
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