Another great OK feature game!

*Of course The Snowclones would need a good catchphrase.

I was watching "Rooster Cogburn" the other day. The film is basically a cowboy remake of "The African Queen" when you get down to it. Anyway, at one point the Judge has promised John Wayne a posse to bring in the bad guys. The Duke comments that he is "long on promise, but short on posse."

And I was thinking, that's really what's wrong with marriage too, isn't it?

I just woke my husband up with my guffawing.

And I think a band named Long On Promise would be excellent.

I think the Snowclones should have a song titled "Shaved What?"
Thanks Bones, but my job here is not complete until I've ruined sleep for *millions* of people.

The Snowclones album shall be titled "The Seaward".
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