I Sing Whenever I Sing

I can't take credit for this. Kurt R. at Surreal Studios posted this a few years ago. A guy sent him a "demo" on a cheapjack Walmart cassette tape. The guy wanted a "recording" contract.

Kurt has no idea how this ole' feller found out about him--he's in Alaska and the "Blue" guy is obviously more, uh, southerly located.

Kurt asks these questions (which themselves make great band names--with a little editing):

  1. Do you think the donkey was in the house?
  2. If not, was this guy singing outside? Within earshot of his neighbors?
  3. Is it possible to write something like this without alcohol?
  4. Most importantly - should I give him a "Recording Contract?"

The funny thing about "Active Id" is that the bar manager will announce your band as "Active I.D.", because they know more about IDs than about Freud, for some reason.
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