Nomine Pax Sonitus Comitatus

Three Band Names in Latin!!
Some extra languages Gratis!

Reminds me of what I heard a guy say one time: "English is the de facto linqua franca." He didn't get it, but I thought it was hilarious.
For those of you who don't get it (i.e. those of you in Mack Colorado), post me a message and I'll explain it unto you.
Stand by for Latin band names at the end of this broadcast.
My Band Names for today Shall Be:

  • Molten Sludge
  • Black Christmas Barbie
  • The ToneWanks

  • Crash Sector
  • Skeezix
  • Maiming Convention
  • The Snots

And now the Latin band names (placed last for the consideration of American readers)

  • Legio Lux / Ligue de la Lumière/ The League of Light. Auf deutsch: Liga des Lichtes. Now you can go write your own DaVinci Code ripoff.
  • Produxi Proficio
  • Nox Sonitus (as opposed to "Lite Music" I suppose)

Production Notes:
*No actual "Latin Bands" were named in this column. Maybe a potential Ska band or two, if they have a Dub influence.

**For some reason, the spell check did not work very well today.

If you want to sound like many current Latin Bands, try this industry-standard check list:
1) Acquire Yamaha PSR keyboard
2) Select "Latin" rhythm preset
3) Press "Synchro start"
4) Fart entire thing onto CD

Fair-and-Balanced disclaimer:
To be fair, here is the checklist for producing techno/electronica:

1) Think about illegally downloading Sony Acid, but are too lazy
2) Realize that five hundred unpaid strangers have already produced identical sounding tracks of exactly what you were going to do.
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