Pearl Harbour Tribute

I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark

When he made Pearl Harbor

I miss you more then that movie missed the point

And that’s an awful lot girl.

--Trey Parker


"Chuppa Chicks"?
Hola, amigo. Si, "Chupa Chicks".
It wasn't my idea. I got this angry rambling text message from a woman (I assume) who's "screen name" (or whatever you call it) seemed to work out to "Chupa Chicka" (but it wuz hrd 2 D-cypher B'cuz O txt lingo). This has nothing to do with the Mexican restaurant we affectionately call "Chupacabra". I can only assume that Chupa Chick really likes those Chuppa Chups brand suckers.
Yeah! That's it!
Hey, they should come out with a goat flavored Chupa Chup. Get it?
Hey, people'd buy it if they called it a "cabrito" Chupa Chup. Hey...

chupa chicks? can i steal it?
Yes, you can use this band name, but the deal is to send:
1. A link to your band website.
2. A JPEG of your band logo.
3. A MP3 of your band.

But for a band named Chuppa Chicks, I'd be happy with just a photo. ;-)

BTW, Sorry to hear about the constipation.
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