Band Names, and self-image problems

Here are more of the best band names ever. Or the worst. You be the judge.

Actually, now that I think about it, they're pretty good names. I must just be having self esteem issues.

Then again, that previous sentence was a bit clumsy.

Here are my band names for today:

Today's Band list brought to you by delicious QB-Strips(tm) Chicken Filings and QB-Strips(tm) brand malted milk flavored beverage. Now with Soy. In Honey Mustard or Cool Ranch.

See, it's funny 'cause QB-Strips are actually mosaics of terrestrial imagery photographed by the Digital Globe QuickBird (Q.B.!) satellite! Ha! I kill myself!

--Surely this is funny to at least one other person in the world...
Right? (Cue cricket noises)
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