Best Band Name Ever!*

Happy Birthday, Karen!

*And finally, our first self-proclaimed "Best Band Name Ever"!

Whoa! When I thought up "The-Band-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named" I almost flipped out and kicked my mom in the head!

Mom Disclaimer:

Someday, my actual beloved mother will discover this website and be aghast--SIMPLY AGHAST, I tell you--that a son would even contemplate kicking his mother AT ALL, much less in the head.

Dear Mother, let me assure you that my assertion is both referential and idiomatic. If my gentle readers were to know you--as do I--for the warm, perdurable caregiver you are, they would esteem you--as do I--and laud you among the great women of the world.

And very few, if any, would be inclined to kick you in the head.

Except, perhaps, those afflicted with a variety of schizotypal and antisocial personality disorders, as diagnosed along the right horizontal axis of the DSM-4. Or possibly certain victims of blunt-force trauma, and other head injuries, which are known to affect the judgement and empathy responses in the human brain.

Plus a lot of the jerks on the internet are just plain buttholes.

--Your devoted son,


--The so-called "Laugh Magilla" of sparsely viewed band name web sites.

Awesome blog. I'm not the only one who does this!

My band names for today:
Skeptic Epileptic
Pumpkin Prostitute
I like them both. In fact I will steal them. --No! Well... Maybe. Probably.

BTW, the music business has a way of making you feel old. I feel like a spry 28 years old, but look at how young this guy is.

All the kids coming in for sessions look like this to me now.
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