Crazy hits for phony band names

After almost a year of running this list, I write "Best Band Name in the World" and my hits jump like crazy. A smarter musician than myself might say "exponentially". It's now in the double digits, I tell ya. Literally dozens of hits!

No, seriously, wazzup with that? I must have been indexed somewhere (or possibly intoxed somewhere), but it certainly isn't Google. I will have to do some work to see where you are all coming from.

Info for Newcomers:

These are not real bands. These are names which I think of for my own, unnamed band. Problem is, I can think of a *lot* of awful, awful band names. You are free to laugh and mock my attemts, or even suggest your own. And I will laugh an mock. Where's your Messiah now, reader? [maniacal laughter]

[Several minutes later] The band names I am using today are:

(Come on! That one's pretty good!)

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