Band Name

That's all you get. --And be darn happy you got it.

Thanks to Bones for the band names. As I might have hinted, my parents are visiting.

How sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful child? --I'll tell you!

I am so disoriented that it's actually tough to come up with names for this list. Help a boy out and suggest band names. Maybe I'll put up a poll next week and we can rank them.

Band Names, folks--It's what's for dinner.

Bonus Band Name:

Not really parentally-themed, but...I just had a glass of wine:

-Miss Piggy's Prom
-Naga Queen
-Agouti Girl Fight
-The Menbrains
Hey Bones, "Naga Queen" like the Nagas from Edgar Rice Burrough's "Land of the Hidden Men?"
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