Band Name of the Year

The band name for today is
"Chainsaw Daddy" is quite possibly the most perfect band name in the world.
Southern Rock? Nihilistic Punk? Dub? It works for just about any genre. "Chainsaw Daddy" is fine for a rough-and-tumble bar band, but contains levels of meaning suitable for the most pretentious art rock poseurs.

I nominate "Chainsaw Daddy" as the best band name of the year.

Band Names Q and A

Bones from The Internet asks:
"Is Rainer Buchty a supervillain by any chance? "

Bones, Rainer is an international super-villain, but he is also much more.
Rainer is also an Evil Genius and an electro-mechanical wonderkind. Rainer is not "Adam Sandler evil", but more the kind of evil that would give artificial intelligence to a 1980's hybrid analog digital synthesizer -- and then fill it with existential angst (see picture).

Rainer is famous for the so-called "Rainer Buchty Ratio" (search the internet), a byproduct of which, if accepted axiomatically, means that he created the coolest thing in the world. I am one of the miniscule group who has benefited from the Rainer Buchty Ratio, so I owe him.

Also my friends say I look like him. I'll see if I can put up the pictures one of these days, and Blog visitors can vote on it.

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