Be an alligator policymaker in your community

We really have a Nuisance Alligator Squad in my town here in Florida. Complain about an alligator and they will come to investigate whether it should be moved. Also, it is currently mating season, so the critters are out and about.

It is important for each of you to check your local municipal codes to make sure your your alligator contingency plans are up to date.

And speaking of large aquatic creatures that spend the day floating just below the surface of the water and hunting by night:

More stuff you didn't know about the evil doctor Rainer Buchty:

  1. Rainer Buchty hand-carves intricate scrimshaw depicting scenes from Baywatch using ivory harvested from the tusks of the endangered narwhal.
  2. Rainer Buchty has designed a simple 8 bit operating system that gives artificial intelligence to the Ensoniq SQ80 synthesizer. This sentient super-synth has the emotional I.Q. of an 8 year old orphan. Sad, really.
  3. Rainer Butchy made a working replica of a Playstation 2 out of a milk carton and discarded hypodermic needles. It works perfectly.
  4. Rainer Buchty tattoos his Tomb Raider scores into his forehead with a rusty knife and an ink made from deadly nightshade and gilsonite. It's pretty cool.
  5. Using the arcane art of alchemy, Rainer has distilled the quintessential substance phystegen. Secreted from the Pineal Gland (the so-called "third eye"), this phystegen is produced for ritual use of the Bavarian Illuminatus and is a key ingredient in microwave popcorn.

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