Danger: Loose Weight!

There are dozens of these misspelled signs in Palm Bay Florida from Babcock to Dairy Road:

What unsettles me is that somebody paid good money for these signs. And nobody in the entire production chain noticed anything wrong.

This isn't like an email typo or something. Probably a dozen people were involved in this process from conception to the time they were stuck in the ground.

I'm surprised the signs don't say "Loose Wieght".

What is "loose weight" anyway? Is it just flab that exists in some zero-inertia state in an alternate reality?

Katrina from work writes: "Maybe it's a 'loose' person who is thought of only as weight. Or the mass of a being who is considered insignificant. For example, maybe they are selling hookers and it is the politically correct way to call a hooker a hooker."

Mark responds: Katrina, you're pushing it.

Today's Band Names, as well as the "Loose Weight" snapshot are both provided by occasional columnist Kyle Friel. Kyle is an extraordinary person for two reasons. First, he gets my jokes. Second, he did not move to New York City like a jerk to make it big.

"My" Band Names for Today:

"Also 'The Hollywood Elite'. Newt Gingrich said it on the O'Reilly Factor.

That is both cool and totally sweet."


My hat off to guest columnist Kyle! Bravo, man, bravo! Love Vacuum and The Hollywood Elite...I'm feeling it.

Referring to Loose Weight (also a happening band name), our local chain of grocery stores, Safeway, has a policy of distributing printed signs in order to create a Total Backroom (the warehouse) Organizational Plan in every store. TBOP (also a great band name). Anyway, the station where goods are checked into and out of the store is labeled "Recieving."

Hey, how 'bout The Union Labels?
Ahh! Safeway: "Everything you want from a store, and a little bit more"

My first tech job had a label maker that someone helpfully labeled "LABLES".

I would love to go see a band called the "The Union Labels". I would look for them and buy their shirt. Or their blouse.

--Mark "Scab" Wynkoop
And I thought I was the only one who saw that sign and wondered what the hell loose weight was. I was tempted to call GNC and inquire as to what loose weight was but I was sure the salesperson would not get the joke.

Keep those signs and placards coming...
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