My girlfriend's internet bookmarks.

I had to recover my Girlfriend's hard drive, and consequently back up her information.

Therefore, the following band names are directly from my girlfriend's internet bookmarks.
They are the names auto-assigned to her links.

She stridently claims her bookmarks are not funny.
Maybe she's right, but I giggled all up and down the list. She thinks I'm mean.

But I sez they are-so funny, I sez.

Try to think of them as rock bands, not websites. Then go back and think of them as websites.
Either way, I sez, they are funny to me.

A few observations about these band names:
  1. I especially would like to name a hard-rockin' band "Episcopal News Service". --Or any touchy-feely name, really.
  2. Possibility Living? I guess it's possible. At least as long as I'm alive.
  3. She says there really are such things as clone recipes (for food). I shudder to think about it.
  4. The spell checker does not get "Mandala", but I must admit I don't get it either. I'm not enough of a granola-head to know the difference between tai chi and chi tea.

Bonus band name overheard from a five-year-old today:
I advisedly spell it "beetles" and not "Beatles". The little stinker was clearly talking about literal beetles. Dead. And smellin' up the place.
Also, I would not want to offend any Beatles; living, dead or stinky.

Markus you are sooooooo DEAD. Dead stinky beetle. I'm gonna hurt your brain. Not nice to pick on someone learning belly dancing for your funeral, while avoiding pollen and advancing food cloning field.
I DEMAND that my belly dancing funeral be conducted prehumously!
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