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Here are your lousy band names:

My buddy Tony has built this totally sweet guitar. Click on it for a larger view. He put a lot of work into it, and you won't find another like it in the world. That pickup costs more than your whole guitar, buddy. When he records it (with his new 24/192 studio) I'll ask if I can post some of his licks up here.

Tony is trying to come up with a name for it (the guitar). He wondered if you creative citizens of the net can come up with a better name than he can.

I told him "probably not", but I could be wrong. Give it a try. Post your ideas to the "comments" section of this blog. No lame names, please. Don't be a turkey. I have prepared a small example on how to name a guitar. It's mostly a matter of style taste and flair. You may consider re-reading William Hazlitt's essay on Gusto before attempting your own name submission.

Guitar naming conventions (examples):

Reasonable names

Names that are just no darn good for a guitar:

I suggest Mjööllnir. It's the name of Thor's hammer, and it means "the crusher or destroyer."
You suggest Thor's hammer, I suggest Tor Johnson.

You suggest crusher/destroyer, I suggest "Wesley Crusher Destroyer."
Steel Lightning
The Electrocutioner
Come on, guys. We need more guitar Names.

I suggest "Anvil of Crom!"

I'm feeling especially Hyperborean today. (can't believe I spelled that right on the first try. What a geek!)
-Blastmaster 5000
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