The Rainer Buchty Ratio

Here are today's cool band names:
Only Rainer Buchty can defeat
the Space Planes of Xenu!

I know what you're asking yourself:
"Mark, where can I learn more about this Rainer Buchty and his plan for my life?"
Fortunately, Rainer Buchty's "World Wide Web" (based partly on Rainer Buchty's "Internet") is a great source to find out more about Rainer Buchty.

Read about the amazing Rainer Buchty Ratio!
Visit Rainer Buchty PhD on the web at the magnificent BUCHTYNET!!!! (warning: minor technical content)

If anyone can save us from Xenu and exorcise our Theatans, it is Rainer Buchty!

All Hail Rainer Buchty!!!

Top ten facts about Rainer Buchty:
  1. Rainer Buchty is a mammal.
  2. The only reason you can move right now is that Rainer Buchty does not want to deactivate your brain stem.
  3. If Rainer Buchty ever lost a fight, all the quarks in the universe would come unbound--but we'll never get a chance to see what that's like.
  4. Bill Gates begged Rainer Buchty to fix everything that's wrong with Microsoft: Rainer just brushed him aside. No amount of money can pollute the indomitable essence of Rainer Buchty with second-class code.
  5. Rainer Buchty's I.Q. has an exponent after it.
  6. In his free time, Rainer Buchty builds houses for poor people...--WITH HIS MIND!!!
  7. Chuck Norris once challenged Rainer Buchty to a fight. Chuck suddenly disappeared in a vapor of quantum vacuum particles when Rainer conclusively disproved the existence of Chuck Norris.
  8. Rainer Buchty knows what you are thinking right now!
  9. Yes he does.
  10. The difference between God and Rainer Buchty? God doesn't know for sure if He is Rainer Buchty.

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