A System Of Levers and Pulleys

Is a career in band names my best career?
Here are the new band names:

That "best career" photo is real. I changed the prefix to all fives. If you see a phone number that starts with all fives, check the Dewey Decimal System under "Phony Phone Numbers". But let me assure you the sign did have a real phone number on it. It is a Melbourne Florida number with a five in the prefix, so it shouldn't take a cryptographer to figure out. Just a little detective work. Even so, I don't recommend calling.

The bigger concept at work here is the idea of a "best career". When we saw this we got to thinking:

  1. What really is the "best" career.
  2. Is calling a stenciled number nailed to a phone pole really a good way to find the best career?
  3. What if this is some "Fantasy Island" type metaphysical exercise, wherein three lucky callers discover (in a weekly semi-anthology format) how their dream jobs are really nightmares. Or how the world would be a horrible place with (for example) six billion marine biologists?

I can answer question number 3 already. We pitched the show concept to ABC and got a 13 episode deal. Pilot season is upon us, but we are assured 13 hours with the possibility of a back nine.

We have cleverly (I think) titled our show "Miracle Workers". I am just now finishing the writer's bible. We are trying to get an actor of the caliber of Malcolm McDowell or Michael York as a recurring character we call "The Boss".

And I heard just yesterday that Fox has a tech call out for a similar show they call "Dream Job". I think they misunderstood our premise and are doing it as a reality show. I have just one word for them: "You're Fired!™"

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