Granola Head or Hillbilly? You decide!

I love clean water, clean air and clean underwear. But even I see a point where radical environmentalism becomes nothing more than a "belief system", if you catch my drift. Let's face it: these folks "believe" things. Don't try to confuse them with facts.

An area where Environmentalists and Hillbillies agree? There are several, it turns out. One of these is the deep rooted "belief" that Fluoride in water is bad. All you have to do is ignore 100 years of scientific and empirical evidence that (1) it works, and (2) it is harmless because there is a safe level, just as there are safe levels of the vast majority of chemical compounds of which comprise the world.

But who needs double-blind research studies, chemical models and overwhelming empirical results? Anecdotal "evidence" is the only safe harbor for crackpots.

Speaking of scientific rigor, after an intensive review process, "My Band Names" has earned the prestigious ADA Council on Dental Therapeutics endorsement!

"The ADA has found the 'My Band Names' Blog to be an effective decay preventive dentifrice when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care."

So stick around and enjoy a nice Band Name or two. Turns out they really don't promote tooth decay after all. Tooth Decay: No. Atomic Decay: Yes.

Please mark me down for one of your elvish tooth brushes. I also take some mithril floss if you have any.
You would just drop it at the bridgework of Kazzad Doom.

Hey, you mook, I had to type all kinds of crap into that database thing just to comment on your blog. It now says I am a "hornier than most" Torry, when we all know that I'm a "hornier than most" Whig.

Strictly speaking, your blog is more substantive than mine. Why don't you go authentic and join us over here in the legitimate Blogosphere?

On a completely different topic, I can't help but notice Mozilla browsers do not render the ADA seal correctly from today's blog. Wazzup?
Turns out mozilla hates the SPAN tag, but loves the DIV tag. I am old enough to remember the netscape LAYER tag, so shame on you mozilla.

(later...) Mozilla also hates the DASHED property. View this entry in MSIE to se some crackerjack hand-coded XHTML, I'll tell ya!
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