HOORAY! "My Band Names" Turns One Year Old!!!


This blog is officially one year old and shows no signs of stopping!

My psychiatrist is especially distressed about this. Also my mom and most of my friends.

No sane person should have this many band names in them.

Anyway, the One Year Anniversary voting is suspended (I must remember to disable the voting option...). The winner? "You Can Do 50 Band Names In One Sitting" slightly beat "Please Close Down this Website".

I still intend on uploading graphs of the stats, but the totals go like this:

So we had a band name bullpen session and these are the results. Once I get some media space I will post audio (and possibly video) to prove that these were all made up free of assistance within only a couple minutes. Scary!

These band names were transcribed from the video tape of that session. Enjoy! They are my one year gift to you! If we are still here, serving your band name needs a quarter century from now. . . --it will be pretty sad.

By my count, the tally is like 52 names., so I think my live on-air host got it wrong somewhere. I have not checked these for duplicates, so there may be some.


Wait til you hear the recording of this session. It's horrifying!

Electric Dentures is my favorite.
Heheh. It would be a great invention for lazy seniors.
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