Impressive Poll Numbers!

We are gearing up for a big one year anniversary stunt here at "My Band Names".
A David Blaine/David Copperfield-style tour de force (but with fake band names instead of magic):

I will sit down and create as many stream-of-consciousness band names as possible in five minutes!!!

No internet, books or other resources in front of me. And absolutely no prewritten names!

Sidebar: Rock The Vote

The voting also is crazy. One of you voted 57 times in a row for "Please Shut Down This Website."

I really mean it.

I have his URL and geographic region. And originating IP address.

The Internet Police are now on their way to his apartment.

I am KIDDING!!! I do NOT troll for your personal info. And I do not use the super-secret webmaster statistics I do have for evil.

I am the Apache Chief of webmasters. "Inuk-chuk!"

Keep up the voting. There are really quite a few of you out there. I have been tracking the many, many visits to this blog

I was finally indexed and cached on Google recently, so there really are hundreds of hits to the main page each day. It's about time!

I will break down voting by single as well as repeat votes and post the results early next week. I should have added a "greater than 50" option.

I will also try to do the stream of consciousness "tonnes of band names in five minutes" stunt next week. Maybe we can get up some video or at least an audio stream, so you know it isn't a trick.

More info on a date once we work it out. Maybe we'll do a "live blog event" or something.

Keep voting. Cheers!


Yes. I know that "tonnes" is not generally spelled that way. Its an archaic variant. I like to talk like a pirate. Enjoy it!

Oh, you came here for band names? Here you go, ya dope!

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