Mother May I Sleep With Mad Libs?

"My Band Names":

What do I—a new visitor—need to know
to enjoy this site?

  1. This is where I brainstorm potential new band names for my potential new band.
  2. Yes, I was a former host of television's "Pants Off Dance Off".
  3. I invent some of the band names. None are random or computer generated. Generally, I gather offbeat phrases or words from everyday life (real human contact, mass media, or other).

Spot the circumlocutious Aaron Spelling Tribute in today's edition. Here are the proffered band names:

and finally, the Irish rap artist:

You used Yo Mahoney two days ago. Must be a hectic week for you... or a heretic one.
Ignore previous comment... lots of reuse.
Allow me to also point out that I used Yo Mahoney two days ago. Must be a hectic week for me... or a heuristic one.

And remember that reuse is one of the key features of object-oriented band name development. Re-use and overloading.

And boy am I overloaded. I guess I better re-load. And then get loaded. I say, Boy--get me loaded over here. And call up the comment service and get it to serve me better comments.

[Many thanks to today's guest gag writers, the fast-talking Ghosts of Groucho Marx and Bob Hope]
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