Pons and Fleischmann announce discovery that fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round.

Here is a No-Nonsense "My Band Names" quick start guide:
  1. This site has fake band names. Lots of them. I make them all up.
  2. My girlfriend doesn't think they are funny.
  3. Some of the names I invent. None are random or computer generated. Generally, I just make mental notes of weird phrases or words from everyday life (work, family, mass media, etc.) which are goofy or memorable.

This site has been rated as worth several thousand dollars from Technorati. It would be worth more if I shilled for the many fine retail values available at your local Wal*Mart!

I would never sell the site. It isn't out of any misplaced sense of artistic integrity. I'm just waiting for the book deal.

Faithful viewers, go out now and lobby Simon & Schuster for "Mark Wynkoop's Band Names that Don't Exist! (*and Why They Shouldn't!!)"

Here are your fake Band Names for today:

Thanks to Quackwatch.com for the name "Quack Device". They are referring to phony medical devices offered for sale by shady "alternative medicine" mercenaries.

I just think it would be a great band name.

Here is a selected list of Quackwatch's "Signs of a Quack Device"

Now THAT would be an awesome band!!

I want a quack device!
I have a slightly used one. I'll make you a deal.
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