Snakes on a Band Name

You may not believe this, but this guy had a melon farming snake on his melon farming plane:
Snake on a Plane News Story (opens in a new browser)

The pilot radioed for emergency landing clearance. When they asked what the problem was, he told them he had "one hand full of snake and the other hand full of plane."

After landing, he posed for pictures with the snake.

Call me cynical, but it sounds too much like viral marketing for my soon-to-be favorite film.

On a more musical note (Tee hee!), check out who is in my CD player this week: Da Vinci's Notebook, another satirical D.C.-based quasi-a cappella group. But they have a hard-edged Ben Folds twist. They are less likely to sing about the budget deficit and more likely to sing a windy Jim Steinman pastiche. Cool.

My band names for today shall be:

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