"David Hasselhoff's Shaving Cataclysm" or "Transform Yourself Though The Power of the Fast Forer Effect"

While I'm thinking about reptilian conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, it might be neat to get a biorhythm calculator or a Forer Effect personality test up hear on the site. I'll run it past the Bavarian Illuminati and see if it's okay.

Math-minded Band Name fans might enjoy a moment of frisson as I connect Fast Fourier transforms and the Forer Effect. Please ignore it. You are just fooling yourself into seeing a conection. ;-) If you thought you did, your word for today is "Apophenia". (see, we already had a band on this site named "Sniff Pareidolia", so I've got the pareidolia effect covered.)

Clustering illusions have been very important to me since the day David Hasselhoff's shaving tragedy was prophesied to me via his appearance in a tortilla.

Anyway, we're all about wavelet mathematics already (and by "we", I mean "me"). We like to keep on top of things.

By this time, only about three readers worldwide still know what I'm talking about. If you are one of these people...then you are probably too smart to fall for my Nigerian email scam.

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