An Horrific Homily. [The author pre-apologizes]

A computerized "word and letter analysis" of this website reveals that the letter "H" has been represented significantly less than the statistical average for standard edited English expostulatory writing (that's "Blogs" to you and me.)

Say no more. First, I present the band names...Then I will rectify the problem of the missing letter H....

* If Hoku hands Don hoes, how many hookahs would Don Ho hoe if Hohokams had hokum hookahs?

It scares me that some of you know that Don Ho's daughter, Hoku, probably has nothing to do with the North American Hohokam tribe. Anyway, its called a peace pipe, not a hookah. A Hohokam hookah is a bunch of hooey. Except as a homology.

Bonus points: Where would Don and Hoku hoe for Hohokam hookahs? Idaho! (Honest!)

That's assuming that Idaho has enough HoJo's to hold the harassing horde of ho's that hallow heroes like Don and Hoku Ho. I hold Don Ho in highest honor and hesitate to hector of follow the fellow.

Although I know this harrowing info is hard to follow, if it doesn't leave you hollow, I'll swallow my ego and sate my sorrow, saying "Hello, me bucko! Bravo! You're my fellow argot honcho."

--Mark Wynkoop (who also offers a post-apology)

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