Judge Not Blood Clot

Free association, with...JUDGE NOT BLOOD CLOT!

Next of Kiln? Helter smelter
Snowmonkeys? The Smallberries
Eggplant Organization? I'm getting nothing.
Frozen Globule? The N-O Twos
Secretly Admirer? Admiral Pansy
The Ruminators? Cow Got Yer Tongue
Psychotic Pickup Truck? The Christines
Overripe Cashier? The Greeters
Perverse Satisfaction? Yeah, that describes things now.
Pit Viper Anomaly? Animals Nobody Loves
The Short Orders? That one can't be beat.
Cooksinside? The Celebrity Dishwashers
Scooby Snacks? The Pesky Kids
Umbrella Pilot? Disneyfied
Surly Hockey? Ping Pong Pimp
Fruit Cake Recognizers? The Packmans
Judge Not Blood Clot? Blew my mind; sorry.
The Skyscraper Mediators? Panels of Glass

However you associate, though, a great post, Mr. Mark.
I am stunned and humbled. Hmm. "Stunned & Humbled".
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