Vacation 2: A Picture Share!

This is from the brochure. Too lazy to actually take the phone on the beach.

Band names:

"ggafter" from the internet reminds me that Blancmange has been around for some time. I even have a CD. Easy mistake for me, though. I was watching that Monty Python where tennis-playing alien blancmonges turn average everyday citizens into Scotsmen, so as to easily defeat them at Wimbledon.

So if I pump out another Pythonesque used-up name (like Toad the Wet Sprocket), you will forgive me.

The Breast Nazis was (were?) inspired by friend's reports of La Letche League. A number of women I know have had horrible experiences with heavy-handed tactics (is that some kind of pun?).

They say the League is not so much pro-breastfeeding as anti-formula (Bad baby! No Formula! EVER!!). When something so personal gets ideologized, it really sucks. (is that some kind of pun?).

Since I'm explaining everything, "potty dance" is also from women I know who have children.

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