Vacation Special: Travel-related Joke-O-Copia

I went to Australia. Going through customs they asked me if I had a criminal record, and I said "I didn't know you still needed one."

Fortunately the officer was drunk and I was able to introduce several prolific non-indigenous species.

Somebody needs to help boost Australia's immune system.

On the other hand, I have an aunt and uncle in Austria (the former Schwarzenegger country). They sent me this t-shirt:

See, because Austria is in Europe. --Yet it gets mistaken for that big island nation, "Australia". With the dingoes and shielas and all of that walleroo and chazzwozzer. Austria is the birthplace of that bonzer lairponce Mozart, and that's fair dinkum.

If the Habsburg's were alive today they would turn over in their graves. --Oh, they are still alive? I hope they get some of the t-shirt money.

I'm lying. I made up the t-shirt. I deserve all the money.

Here. Enjoy some free band names*:

(*Band names are free to read. If you copy them--or name your band thusly--you are beholden to the license agreement presented elsewhere on this blog site. Whip. Whip. Mark is a harsh taskmaster.)

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