The Straight Poop

Glen, from "the Internet" writes:
"How about: Pooptaculous? It returns only ONE result via google search...Your blog DOES NOT MENTION THE WORD POOP."

Okay Glen, you got it. Poop makes the list. I for one can not believe this list has gone over a year without mentioning poop. Here it is:

Now aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Surprisingly, we have also gone a whole year without mentioning the classical architect Theodorus of Samos.

Theodorus was the master engineer of the Ionian culture. He is credited with inventing (among other things), the key, the ruler, the carpenter's square, the level, and the lathe. Oh, and a little inconsequential thing called bronze casting.

Pretty humbling, considering my best contribution to humanity is a technique for sleeping with my eyes open during meetings, press conferences, and the part of the gig where I am not required to play or sing.

Why are there no monuments to Theodorus? Why didn't we learn about him in school along with Archimedes and Edison? My guess is because he doesn't have a band named after him. I will fix that situation thusly. My band name for today shall be:

Thanks. I feel better now.

An excellent list of stupendous—stoopoo-pendous?—band names!

I will try to dig up my photo of Poot's House of Cactus for you.
Man, if we already hadn't registered a name for the recording studio, "Poot's House of Cactus" is the perfect name!

I hope it isn't a restaurant.
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