The Involuntary Urinary Shiver

*Another good girl group name. They could perform in little white wedding dresses. Would be a funny wedding band.

**Name of the wood finish provided on the Gibson 1957 Les Paul Custom 2 Pickup Guitar

With all apologies to my mom, "Piss Quivers" fits nicely into the ultimate band name category. I will not argue about the civility of the term. It was a perfectly acceptable Anglo Saxon word before the Victorian era bowdlerized the human experience. The word appears in Shakespeare (speaking of Bowdler!) and twice in the King James Bible in verbal forms (you can win bets with *that* little fact!). Besides, my grandpa said it all the time.

As a band name, "Piss Quivers" has the additional virtue of describing a phenomenon that is otherwise undocumented: the involuntary urinary shiver. I will ask my urologist if there is a more acceptable clinical term for this experience.

“Gargalesis” describes another physiological phenomenon that occurs when someone tickles you. I am the current Guinness record holder for “most ticklish”.

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