String Cheese Incident Tribute

I'm reacting to the news that String Cheese Incident is breaking up.

Not because it's such a surprise... Doubtless like the rest of you, I was surprised to learn that the band still existed as such.

It's like when the Sally Jesse daytime talk show was cancelled; Producers say they were moved to pull the show when they discovered that it was still on the air.

I'm sure String Cheese band members yanked the plug on the band similarly.

News Flash: The Prog Band Child will be breaking up any day now as soon as the whereabouts lead singer is discovered (she disappeared like Judge Crater into the drug fueled haze of 1970's Great Britain).

Today's blog provides no new phony band names, but it does provide you with a lot of stuff to look up in wikipedia. And if you are familiar with all the references made today, you win the Band Name For Today Cultural Relevancy Prize.

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