Thurl Ravenscroft Memorial Band Name Tribute

Deeply miss ol' Thurl Ravenscroft. He was GRRREAT!

If truth were told, a lot of my ability to sing basso profundo is copied from him. The trained bass voice always took a back seat to the popularity of tenors during my classical training. That didn't stop the bass section of my concert choral from referring to itself as the "men's section".

Similarly, Bass is not a popular register for a rock vocalist, so the bulk of my vocal career has been spent straining my range upward. Sometimes it was nice to let a few phrases of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" rumble through the Marshal stack at a sound check. No one expects to hear a bass voice in a rock band. Maybe someday...

"Thurl Ravenscroft"?! Man, I thought you were going to tell me your 9th level paladin wasn't resurrected.
("Dregnar" opens his bag of holding and brings forth the spell of summonings for mid-20th century voice-over actors)
Maybe I'll just upload Thurl as an Arkham Horror character.
Heheh. I knew a bass voice like that could only come from the Cthulu. Give my regards to the denizens of Miskatonic.
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