Band Name of the Month

Gimme dang near three weeks off work and I will give you band name perfection. Witness the 2007 inaugural Band Name of the Month nominee:

Ouch! That's such a near-perfect neologistic construction that it makes my wisdom teeth ache! Tuesday's trip to the doctor's office for a sinus infection also resulted in a bleedin' diabolical name for a metal band:

"Fecal Occult" scares me both in the sense that its graphically ugly and also that its probably already been used as a band name.

Here are some bonus names:

Three weeks off? Christ, what are you, Uropean? (Uropeean? Aaargh!)

May we see sometime this month a "Best of 2006" Band Name of the Month post? Purty-please?
Ahh, "Yourapeein". The punch line from a joke from third grade.

A 2006 band name retrospective might be in order, especially since everyone else is doing Oscar lists and 10 best lists.

I should therefore, highlight not only the best, but the absolute worst band names from this list last year.

Good idea.
Third grade?

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef!
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