Is It Time To See The Urogynecologist?

Losing Urine

I was at my doctor for a sinus infection when I noticed this poster on the wall. I can honestly say it was a question that never occurred to me:

My first thought was to question if I'd lost any urine lately. "Honey! Where is that urine I had? Did we put that up in the attic?"

Similarly, I wondered if a Urogynocologist was somehow related to the unpopular UroDisney theme park. Of if they accepted payment only by the Uro, the goofy-looking monetary unit of the Uropean Eunion.

Then I noticed another poster. It said "Men: Are you experiencing decreased testosterone levels?" And I was thinking thank goodness they qualified that question by limiting it to men. After all, this is the home state of former US Attorney General and Cuban Boy deporter Janet Reno.

Now I need to go get me an appointment with a urogynocologist. Maybe she can help me find all that urine.

How, oh how could you pass up UroDisney for Band Name of the Month?!

With a runner-up nod to Cuban Boy Deporter.
Funny thing, that. Back during the Cuban boy deportation "crisis", a *bunch* of Florida area bands changed their name to "Cuban Boy" for about 15 minutes.
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