Stick to Band Names

High-priced net consultants advise me to stick to humorous, general interest band naming. "People don't want to hear that the 11th dimension is only 10-20 millimeters wide. They want funny band names that remind them of their favorite sitcoms from the 90's."

Also, one of my friends says she doesn't think the names are funny , and people don't want to read a blow-by-blow of my kidney stones. -No names, but her initials are "Mellina".

So the consensus is, "be less esoteric and more accessible."

Too bad.

Today's new band names shall be:

We could all use more esoterica, Mr. Wynkoop.

Whisky Dix...bold, sir, bold. I like it.
Yeah, as long as I can keep net nanny from filtering my blog...
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