The Universe? You're Soaking In It!

Bad day for duplicate band names!

*"Banker's Rounding" because I wanted to name a band "Mantissa", but there was already an Australian band with that name. So "Banker's Rounding", which--we all remember--rounds to even.

"Braneworld" links to an article about M2 Brane theory. You may not know anything about The Membrane, but you are soaking in it right now. In fact, everything is.

Keep in mind that although the article discusses a 5 dimensional brane, there is good evidence for an 11 dimension brane. I'm not a scientist (oh, wait. I am.), but I''ll be interested to see what the future holds for brane theory.

Hey Mark, My wife is also a priestess of Zend Avesta. And I am the high priest of Cthulhu. Seriously, I am going to carry your link on my portal to the multiverse page, and I hope you will do the same. we seem to have one or two things in common, which is not a lot, but there you go... by the way I don't find the word verification very useful... why don't you just use an alternate email?

Come and visit portal to the multiverse You might also enjoy wicked and sick
I would like to start an all Cthulu band and call it "The Old Ones", but the sonorous sound would drive mankind murderously mad. Like C+C Music Factory.

Word verification stays on after a bizarre Latino girl started cyber-stalking me. Chicka Loco is somehow baffled by typing back a few characters.
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