* a Backdoor pilot is when an episode of a regular TV series attempts to introduce a new situation which can be spun off into it's own series. More interesting are examples of busted backdoor pilots. Star Trek had one (a space traveling secret agent), Bill Bixby's Hulk had another (the adventures of a Jazz loving Kung Fu monk--amazing that didn't go to series!).

If I had a show, I'd shoot a backdoor pilot every other episode. Folks would think it was an anthology series.

Space-traveling secret agent?! Not TOS, surely....I'm embarrassed to have failed my Star Trek Trivia roll.

Please enlighten.
Behold the inner geek: Assignment Earth--

Second season time travel story with Robert Lansing and Terri Garr (sp?). Alien agent Gary Seven is sent to 20th century Earth to sabotage a Saturn V launch. Kirk & Spock travel back to stop him.

Now to be fair, I can also arc weld and fix diesel motors. So it's not... Okay. I have been geek-outed.
Bad link. Google "Star Trek Assignment Earth" The net runneth over. People claim porn drives the net, but early adopters know--it's was just another Star Trek delivery device.
I am deeply ashamed for having forgotten Teri Garr's appearance on Star Trek. And a cat secret agent. We need more of those...oh, wait. I have two living with me.

You know, I was gonna ask Santa for an obscenely expensive rain jacket for my birthday, but I might have to ask for

You know, there are so many gay-themes series these days. they should just name one "Backdoor Pilot".
Goodnight folks!
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