Radar! Radar!

Trivia: The first time I heard the "No Soap Radio" joke, the punchline was the "Radar! Radar!" variant. It did include penguins (a common motif). It was told to me by Ross Parsley, who replaced scandal-riddled minister Ted Haggardy (no relation to scandal-riddled "Grizzly Adams" actor Dan Haggardy, as far as I know), so nobody can say I don't know anyone famous. I also sold blank tape to scandal-riddled politico Gary Hart and was mercilessly harassed by a zonked-out Hunter S. Thompson ("scandal-riddled" doesn't cover it) when I worked at Radio Shack during high school.

Ironically, Hunter would probably be the only one of that group to get the "No Soap Radio" reference. Still, he was a total jerk to me.

I must ask: the No Soap Radio joke?

And in honor of my verification word, howzbout:

Waxahachie? Isn't that a college town in Texas or Oklahoma? Seems I have known people who went to school there.

"No Soap Radio" is a FAKE joke that is more of a psychological test (or demonstration of "peer pressure"). The 'joke' is told to two people, one of whom is a co-conspirator. The joke is improvised, and extended as long as possible, but essentially, it goes "These two penguins are together and one says 'hand me the soap.' The other penguins says 'No soap. Radio.'"

The joke teller and the conspirator then laugh hysterically. The target of the conspiracy will generally also laugh, as though the joke made sense.

The hated LAUGH TRACK uses the same principle. If *they* are laughing, maybe *I'd* better laugh too.
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